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When I was 6, a dragonfly found me playing in my gramma's garden, and introduced himself as Schamzin.
He said, with a mysterious look, that he came from a land that was right under my feet, yet far, far away.
I was intrigued, not only at his story but also that a dragonfly could show expression on his little face.

Questions, boy did I have questions, and I asked them incessantly one after another not giving Schammy
(that what I call him) a chance to answer. With one wing stretched across his forehead he patiently
listened as I prattled on and on.

Once I finally calmed down, he picked a small portion of his story to share as to not overwhelm me
with too much too soon. "As you get older it will be very hard, close to impossible for you to hear
me speak", he said. This I couldn't understand, as I didn't see myself loosing my hearing any time soon.

Seeing the puzzled look on my face...."it's not your hearing that will fail, but your imagination."
Each day that I live, that I don't seek out magic, the connections that exist between man and magic
dwindles, as it was explained to me.

He said that this is by design, in order to protect his world. "But without imagination and magic the
human race begins to accept the world as it appears on the surface. This makes man very angry inside
although he doesn't know the reason."

I couldn't really grasp what he meant. I was just a kid. But as I grew, I began to realize he was speaking
of wars, and unkindness, and lack of compassion for one another.

It was then that Schammy asked me a question.......
"would you like to help?"

"Of course!!" I said, not knowing what was to come.

This is when he gave me this.

I promised Schammy that I would pass this jar full of magic elixer to everyone that I meet
who I feel can help to bring adults imaginations alive.

I'm passing this jar on to you with the same quest be you willing to accept, and asking in
return that you use your imagination in fruitful ways. Together we can preserve the connection
between us mere humans and the wonderful denizens of espirit' glen.

Please pass this jar on to everyone who you think can help. Even if they don't know they're the
type of person who has the creativity and joy to fulfill the quest. Just in passing the jar along,
they will cause a change. Feel free to put this jar in your signature tags, in your emails, on your
websites, wherever you can think to spread a little magic.

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